What is gum disease therapy?

Is a deep cleaning the same as a regular cleaning?

No, it is not. Not everyone has a gum disease. At your initial visit, you will be evaluated if you need just a simple cleaning or much more. A simple cleaning is a preventative therapy that is done to keep the gums healthy, much like a maintenance.

Gum disease therapy on the other hand is done in a slightly different situation where there is plaque, tartar build up and bacteria underneath the gums causing damage to the gums and bone. Removing the build up and smoothening the surfaces under the gums allows a healthy area for the gums to re- attach to the teeth.

It is also called Scaling and root planing, typically takes 2 visits to complete and is done under local anesthesia (numbing of the gums)

How will I know if I am a candidate?

Measuring your gums and evaluating the x rays along with evaluating the condition of your gums will tell us if you need a deep cleaning or rather what we call, Scaling and root planing.

What can I expect after the gum disease therapy is completed?

Your gums maybe sore for a couple days if you have not had a cleaning for a long time. Rest assured, your gums have never been healthier! To quicken the process of healing, you will be prescribed a mouth rinse.

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