What is Flouride and what does it do?

Fluoride is for the teeth as multivitamins are for the body. Sugar is everywhere! All around us, we are constantly being tempted to eat sugary food like candy and icecream. Even the juices for kids have a high amount of sugar. What these foods do is release acids that weaken the teeth and make them vulnerable for those germs to attack the teeth. Flouride is a mineral that counteracts this action and makes the tooth stronger and resistant to bacterial action. Not only does it reduce the risk of cavities, but it also reverses initial decay.

Do adults need fluoride?

Flouride is not just for children! Adults that have a high risk for decay are usually recommended to have fluoride so that it attracts other minerals and strengthens teeth. Just like calcium fortifies bone, fluoride fortifies teeth!

What will happen during this visit?

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