What are sealants? Does my kid need it?

If you look at your child’s back tooth, it is very irregular. The back teeth are the ones that do all the chewing. It is very common to trap food or any other sticky material to the chewing surfaces of the teeth. In the long run, you will see plaque and bacteria accumulated on them. Kids find it very hard to reach those back teeth while brushing. Sealants are thin coating that is painted on the surface of those hard to reach risky areas to make them smooth so there is less tendency for anything to stick to it. Doing this prevents decay. Your first molars appear around age 6, and second molars break through around age 12.

Are Sealants safe?

Sealants are the best way to prevent kids from getting cavities in the first place. They are safe and effective.

Do Sealants wear off?

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