A lot of my patients ask me which toothpaste to use and what I recommend. Truth be told, it is the type of toothbrush and the way you brush that is more important. Having said that, if I had to recommend a toothpaste, I usually see the relative dentin abrasion value- (RDA value) of the toothpaste.

RDA? What is that?

It is nothing but the tooth cutting ability. We want a lower RDA level so that your teeth are intact and not slowly being cut/abraded by toothpastes. The tooth has an RDA number of 7, so your toothpaste must have a lower RDA that is compatible with the tooth. The lower it is, the more gentle it is on your teeth.I recommend any toothpaste that has upto 100-125 RDA value. 125-150 RDA is highly abrasive and 151-200 is dangerously abrasive.

My recommendations:

Below are the brand names of toothpastes with their listed RDA levels. If you feel your teeth are sensitive, it might be time to change to a toothpaste in the first category that are more gentle on your teeth. Along with this, I also look at the toothpastes with natural ingredients like peppermint oil and baking soda. Baking soda has an RDA level of 7 that is perfect on teeth!!


1)Brand of Toothpastes with RDA below 100.

These are more gentle and can be good if your teeth are sensitive.

  • Arm and Hammer Dental care  and dental care sensitive, advanced white sensitive and advanced whitening.
  • Tom’s of Maine
  • Weleda Calendula
  • Pro enamel by Sensodyne
  • Colgate Sensitive, Total, 2 in 1 and Regular
  • Sensodyne original, fresh impact and fresh mint
  • Nature’s gate
  • Rembrandt plus

2) Brand of toothpastes with RDA between 101-120

  • Arm and Hammer advanced white, sensation, advanced white gel
  • Sensodyne full protection whitening, extra whitening
  • Crest regular, cavity protection, kids, sensitivity protection, sensitivity whitening+scope,
  • Colgate herbal

3) Brand of toothpastes with RDA between 121-150

  • Colgate whitening, total whitening
  • Crest extra whitening
  • Crest Prohealth enamel shield
  • Pepsodent

4)Brand of toothpastes with RDA between 151-200

Dangerously abrasive and not advised if you have sensitive teeth.

  • Crest pro health whitening, sensitive whitening
  • Colgate tartar control, colgate total advanced fresh, 2 in 1 tartar control

A more comprehensive list with their RDA values.

It is always good to check your labels and check the RDA value of the toothpaste you use! Now which one do you use?