Kids’ Dentistry

When should my kid visit the dentist first?

As soon as the first tooth appears in the mouth, you should contact your dentist. No later than the first birthday! This is because even a single tooth can develop cavities and early healthy dental practices will contribute to a healthy mouth. The child will get into a routine of visiting a dentist regularly along with being aware of the importance of brushing right. Starting out early gives children the mindset that going to a dentist is ok and it is normal to get our teeth checked regularly. Regular preventative dental visits help to ensure a young person enters adulthood with strong and healthy teeth.

Also, the dentist will check if the jaw and teeth are developing in the right manner, discuss habits like diet, thumbsucking, pacifier and any other questions you might have.

Your Central Jersey Dentist will work with you to calm your child. Your kid can sit by themselves or sit in your lap and the check up and cleaning will be done. If you are looking for a friendly and caring dentist for kids in Montgomery, Belle Mead, Skillman, Princeton, Hillsborough, Bridgewater or Central Jersey, give us a call at 908-282-3366 or book online here.

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